Nestled in the heart of the Columbia Gorge with breathtaking views of Mt. Hood and our 32 acres of vineyard,   Phelps Creek Vineyards invites you to experience

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Beautiful Day

We enjoyed the most splendid day on the vineyard August 6, when my daughter Becky married Matt Williams at the Homestead site.  The event was of course much anticipated and planned. Irineo and I worked hard to spruce up the vineyards and keep the grass green, full and trim. Not even a little technical difficulty could spoil the day. At the last moment, the sound system ran out of battery power. Several of Becky's friends are highly regarded vocalists. The plan was for a trio to serenade the wedding party to their stations accompanied by a sound track. Becky on my arm noticing the struggling efforts of the sound guy murmured to the effect "the show must go on" and we strode down the aisle. Her three friends stepped forward of their microphone and belted out the melody in perfect harmony. Years of theater education gave them poise and professionalism. Bravo!

The evening was filled with joy, great food and wonderful old wines. Twenty-six years ago I purchased a case of 1988 Cabernet Sauvignon from Bill Swain's brother Mark, then a noted Napa Valley       winemaker. The idea was to serve it at Becky's future wedding, a wine from her birth year. We saved that wine for a long time in anticipation of the moment. Along with that selection, we pulled bottles of our 2005, 2006 and 2007 "Becky's Cuvee" from the cellar. Additionally, Bill and I composed a new 2014 "Becky's Cuvee" to commemorating the wedding. 


introducing 2014 Becky’s Cuvée Pinot Noir


What's Going On At The Vineyard?

...and we rest


..the grapes are in, the vines can rest. It is the time of year when we embrace the autumn mist as we reflect on another year complete..

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